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Getting Rid Of Unwanted Trash

When it comes to keeping your home and yard immaculate, few things are quite as important as garbage removal. It can be overwhelming to deal with the incredible influx of trash that you can accumulate during various parts of the year, which is one of the reasons that working with a sanitation company is so crucial. I started focusing more seriously on getting rid of unwanted trash for my business several years ago, and it made an incredible difference. This blog is here to help you to decide on the sanitation features that would benefit your business the most and how you can improve your company.

Tips On Keeping Roll Off Dumpsters Safe When Kids Are Around

A dumpster can unfortunately be a curiosity for young children. If you need to work with a roll off dumpster that's placed in an area where kids may pass by, you need to take special care to make sure kids are aware of the dangers and are instructed on how to stay safe. The following are five safety tips to avoid hazards when kids are in close vicinity to an area where a roll off dumpster is placed:

Don't allow unsupervised children to be around roll off dumpsters

It may be necessary for kids to pass close by the area where your dumpster is placed, but you should never leave them unsupervised in this area. Regardless of how many precautions you take, kids are always inclined to get into some mischief. 

Don't ever trust kids to follow instructions and keep off of dumpster equipment. You need to keep kids under supervision at all times when they're near potentially hazardous dumpster equipment. 

Make sure kids know that they should not touch the dumpster

The biggest danger is typically that kids will attempt to climb on a dumpster. Ideally, you'll prevent them from coming close enough to the dumpster to touch it. You can use caution tape or use some method of securing the area so kids can't get near. Otherwise, put up signs instructing kids to keep off and inform children that they are not permitted to approach the dumpster equipment.

Avoid overfilling the dumpster or filling it unevenly

A dumpster that is overfilled will be dangerously heavy and could potentially become off balance if it is unevenly filled. Make sure a dumpster is properly secured so that it won't move or shift as it becomes filled. Also, avoid filling a dumpster all the way if the waste that is put inside is particularly heavy. 

Never put roll off dumpsters under or near power lines

Roll off dumpsters are typically constructed from metal materials. This means they can easily conduct electricity and need to be kept clear of power lines or any pieces of electrical equipment. 

Be aware of dumpster fire dangers

Another significant danger of using a roll off dumpster is the potential for a dumpster fire. You can avoid dumpster fires by making sure that you're never putting items in your dumpster that have the potential to catch fire.

Make sure any ashes that are placed in a dumpster are given adequate time to cool down before they are disposed of in a dumpster. Also, be careful when disposing of oily materials, especially when the temperature is high. Most importantly perhaps, make sure that no workers or passersby are disposing of cigarette butts in your dumpster.