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Getting Rid Of Unwanted Trash

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3 Unique Features Of Sludge Trailers

Hauling sludge requires specialized equipment. Many companies rely on dump trailers that are designed for the sole purpose of hauling semi-liquid materials when disposing of sludge.

In order to appreciate the importance of having a sludge trailer available to transport your semi-liquid waste, you must recognize the ways in which sludge trailers differ from traditional dump trailers.

Here are three features of sludge trailers that make them so unique.

1. Anti-Corrosion Treatments

Sludge trailers are exposed to liquids and other contaminants on a constant basis. This leaves sludge trailers susceptible to damage caused by corrosion.

In order to prevent corrosion from compromising the integrity of a sludge trailer, these unique dump trailers are treated with an anti-corrosion sealer.

The sealer coats all of the interior and exterior surfaces of the trailer to protect against corrosion over time. Sludge trailers must be resealed on a regular basis to maintain their ability to resist corrosion damage.

2. Fully-Enclosed Design

Most dump trailers feature an open design. High side walls and a collapsible tailgate facilitate the hauling and dumping of solid materials. Sludge trailers differ in their design.

A sludge trailer will always be fully-enclosed. This design prevents the semi-liquid contents of each load from sloshing over the side walls or out the rear of the trailer during transport.

Sludge trailers have unique drain valves instead of tailgates to allow the contents of the trailer to be dumped without the risk of spillage.

3. Automated Wiper Blade

Another unique feature of a sludge trailer is an automated wiper blade. This secondary mechanism is designed to prevent any buildup along the interior surface of the trailer.

Sludge contains semi-solid materials that can stick to the sides and bottom of a trailer. These materials can accumulate over time, creating clogs that prevent the trailer from being dumped efficiently.

An automated wiper blade helps to push all of the semi-solid residue left behind after a sludge trailer is dumped to the rear of the trailer. This residue can then be emptied through the drain valve to prepare the sludge trailer for a fresh load.

If you find yourself in a position where you need to transport sludge, you need to have the right equipment.

The unique features of a sludge trailer make these pieces of equipment the ideal option for transporting any type of semi-liquid material. A sludge trailer is designed to prevent leaks and facilitate the dumping of sludge with minimal effort.

For more information about sludge and dump trailers, contact a local garbage removal service such as Duffield Hauling INC.