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Getting Rid Of Unwanted Trash

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3 Scenarios That Warrant Hiring An Estate Cleanout Service

Estate cleanout is sorting and hauling a person's belongings from a home or commercial property. Hence, the purpose of estate cleanout is to make room for new occupants to move into a property or to clear the property of unwanted items before a sale. 

People usually hire estate cleanout services when a person dies so they can remove the deceased person's belongings from a property. However, various other situations can warrant the need to hire an estate cleanout service. 

Here are three scenarios that warrant hiring an estate cleanout service. 

1. Foreclosures

When a lender forecloses on a property, the previous occupant should remove their belongings from the property. But in some instances, the previous occupants don't take all their belongings with them. For example, broken pieces of furniture and equipment often get left behind because they are no longer of use to the previous occupant. 

However, because the lender intends to sell the foreclosed property, they can't have junk lying around the property. Potential buyers might get turned off by seeing clutter around their potential new home. Hence, it is wise for a lender to hire an estate cleanout service to remove all the items left behind by the previous occupant before listing the property.

2. Evictions  

When landlords or property management companies evict a tenant, that tenant should remove all their belongings from the space. But sometimes, evicted tenants are not in a position to haul all their belongings out of the property. As a result, some evicted tenants opt to lose their belongings by leaving them in the apartment, home, or office they used to rent or lease. 

But as a landlord, having an apartment or office filled with an evicted tenant's belongings means you can't rent the space. Hence, if an evicted tenant has left behind their belongings on your property, you must get rid of them before you can rent or lease the space to a new tenant. 

Thus, you need to hire an estate cleanout service to remove and dispose of the belongings left behind by your former tenant.

3. Relocations

When relocating to a new home, carrying all your belongings to the new place isn't always viable. As a result, most people opt to host yard sales to get rid of the belongings they do not need or want. However, if most of your belongings are old, worn out, or damaged, people won't buy them in the yard sale. 

Furthermore, you won't want to take the belongings with you or leave them in your old home when you move out. Thus, hiring an estate cleanout service is the best option to get rid of the belongings you no longer need or want to take with you.

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