Getting Rid Of Unwanted Trash

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Getting Rid Of Unwanted Trash

When it comes to keeping your home and yard immaculate, few things are quite as important as garbage removal. It can be overwhelming to deal with the incredible influx of trash that you can accumulate during various parts of the year, which is one of the reasons that working with a sanitation company is so crucial. I started focusing more seriously on getting rid of unwanted trash for my business several years ago, and it made an incredible difference. This blog is here to help you to decide on the sanitation features that would benefit your business the most and how you can improve your company.

Commercial Cleanouts And Crowded Areas

When your business replaces furniture or equipment, sometimes you luck out, and the delivery company takes away the old items after bringing the new items inside. But it's very common for you to instead be left with all of the old stuff, and you have to find a solution quickly so that you don't have to deal with this pile of junk for long. This is where calling a junk removal company comes in, but there's a catch. If you are in an area where parking lots and street parking can't really accommodate a large truck for long, how do you go about getting rid of the items? You can still call a junk removal company; you'll just want it to be one that has different sizes of trucks and a good strategy for handling larger loads.

Tell the Junk Company Exactly What You're Getting Rid Of 

When you call junk companies, let them know exactly what you want them to pick up. Don't tell them "furniture" or "kitchen appliances like a fridge"; tell them "six desks about four feet long each" or "one refrigerator that's six feet tall and three feet wide and deep, along with a countertop microwave." The more detail you can give them, the better because that's partly how they'll gauge how much room they'll need in their truck to take everything away. It also ensures that they can remove everything you need to be removed. The last thing you need is to work out all the details only to find out that they do not take certain items.

Give Them Details if the Parking Situation Is Tight

Next, you get to give them details about the parking situation. Tell them whether you have a parking lot or not, and let them know what street parking in front of your building is like. By the way, if you had other items delivered, double-check that the spot the delivery truck was in does not have time limits. For example, if your building has a loading zone out front, but the city restricts parking there to only a few minutes, that might not be enough time for the junk removal company to load a huge truck. However, the junk company may have a smaller truck that they can use to pick up some items whereas loading would take only a few minutes. If your business has a parking lot, find out how long their truck is and block off spots for them on the day they show up.

Ask What the Junk Removal Company Needs You to Do if They Have to Come Back

If the junk company determines that they need to bring a smaller truck and make multiple pickups, you need to find out what you have to do, if anything. You may have to set up multiple appointments, one for each pickup, or you may have to separate some of the junk into different piles. For example, maybe you need to group all the desks together because that will form one load.

The junk removal staff has dealt with tight situations before and knows ways around them. Give them the details and let them decide what is best.

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